Teaching Moment:  Might Physics apply to The Lumber Market?

If you take a moment to study Newton’s First Law, you can begin to understand the relationship between the Forces that move the Lumber Market.

Here’s a few of this months Forces affecting the The Market Today:

Supply and Demand Force: A few large blocks of lumber were purchased from mills which moved the market down a bit.  This is the first downward turn in pricing in several weeks!

Seasonal Force Moving the Market:  Weather continues to clear in the Midwest and East, seasonal building and product demand should increase.

Housing and Multifamily Starts Force:  Multifamily starts were down a bit last month.

Summary Statement:  Combine all of the moving forces pertaining to lumber and the output is the ever moving Lumber Market.

Washington Force:  U.S. Canadian Lumber Trade Issue
Monitor updates on the Canadian tariff debate here:  
Following is data published on Random Lengths website that can provide detailed information on the status of the U.S. – Canadian Lumber Trade Issue.
Random Lengths: U.S, – Canada Lastest Developments in the Trade Disputes