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Years ago, the leftover material may have been discarded in landfills or burned in tee-pee burners.  Today, that has changed.  In an interview with one of our leading mills, Sierra Pacific shared that 100% of the wood fiber coming from the forest is used in one form or another.

In fact, Sierra Pacific continues to seek new and innovative ways to utilize 100% of our forest resource.  Chips, bark, shavings and sawdust are leftover during the lumber and mill work making process.  During each sawing and milling operation, state of the art technology, machinery and skilled operators get the most wood fiber from the logs or lumber.

Actually, you may have seen these by products on some of the shelves you walk by everyday in your local store.

  *   Sawdust is a primary component used to make paper.
  *   Bark and chips are used in numerous landscape materials.
  *   Mulch used to help gardens grow are made from the leftover materials.
  *   Bedding materials for animals are a perfect fit for this material.

Another evolution in the industry that utilizes ‘wood waste ‘from the manufacturing process and from the forest is Co-Generation.  Sierra Pacific Industries run several state of the art co-generation plants that turn wood waste into valuable electricity for homes and business.  These facilities produce over 150 megawatts of electrical power.  That is enough power for 150,000 homes.

Clean renewable energy production and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.  Learn more about this process here:

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