Where did all the green wood go?

Where did all the green wood go?

What a perfect month to talk about green wood! In recent years, we have experienced a steady decline in the sale of green wood. What exactly is green wood and what might be the reason for the decline in the demand for green wood? Green wood refers to wood that has...

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March 18:  The Lumber Market Today

March 18: The Lumber Market Today

It takes a certain sense of boldness working in a commodity based industry that changes daily. Current market conditions favor the idea of an under-bought market and running on a thin inventory. At some point in the near future, buyers will get back to buying, demand...

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Rising Risks for the Housing Outlook by NAHB

Trio recently attended an informative seminar addressing the Economic and Housing Outlook in the Building Materials Industry at the LMC Expo. There are a number of economic indicators relevant across our customers industries and addressed in the attached slideshow...

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