The Lumber Market Summary Report  August 28, 2019

The Lumber Market Summary Report August 28, 2019

The lumber market has been about as eventful and exciting as driving on a long flat road through the Arizona desert. The mountains are on the horizon, but it seems like you'll never reach them. Much like a road trip, the scenery will eventually change, as will the...

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Woods Tells a story ….

Woods Tells a story ….

Each piece of lumber is riddled with clues to the past, all factoring in to every piece’s unique appearance. Hot summers and frigid winters, a gambit of elements: rain, snow, and wind, and even the abuse of forest fires, insects, and harvesting can present itself in...

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Mold is a Dirty Word

Mold is a dirty word! Paper wrapped material has the potential to mold. If you will be storing wood for any length of time, consider cutting the paper off of the ends to let the air get to the wood. Often, moisture caused by rain will get in through a hole or a cut in...

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Managing your Lumber during Monsoon Season

Managing your Lumber during Monsoon Season

The Monsoon's have finally arrived! Blistering summer temperatures partnered with Monsoon humidity can damage your wood. Proper lumber storage requires ensuring your bundles are banded tight and placed so the units lay flat on stickers to prevent them from bowing,...

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July 24, 2019: Trio’s Lumber Lowdown

Much of what transpires in our industry is driven by the single family and multi-family housing market, economic conditions, weather, Washington and our states economic climate. Here's a snap shot of what's transpiring in these areas: Building Permits Plunge to 2 Year...

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