We have included in our site some information that our customers have found useful over the years. Please take a look at our material list to find the items that we keep on hand on a regular basis. We have included a board factor sheet that will help in calculating board footage. And we have provided a listing of “normal” standard size units, please keep in mind that this varies anymore between the different mills. You will also find a cheat sheet on how to find out the weight of your material. We hope this will be helpful.

Information Sheets

Material List

Board Factor Sheet

Standard Size Units

Calculating Weight

APA Performance Rated Panels

APA Plywood Design Specs

APA Product Guide Glulam

APA Product Guide HDO MDO Plywood

WWPA Base Values for Western Dimension Lumber

WWPA Adjustment Factors for Base Values

WWPA Beams Stringers Design Values

WWPA Adjustment Factors for Beams Stringers Posts Timbers

AZ5000 Tax Form

AZ5000A Tax Form

AZ5000M Tax Form

AZ5005 Tax Form

Credit Card Authorization Agreement

Customer Email/Fax

Job Information for Preliminary Notices

IPPC link

KDHT link


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