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BridgeworkTrio Forest Products Inc. provides the wood components you need in creating bridge and road structures.

Combine the materials we provide with dirt, heavy equipment, steel, labor, and knowledge to create a magnificent structure that will carry the lives of thousands of people every day.

Not all Concrete Form Performs the Same.

Be assured that you are working with professionals that are knowledgeable about products that should and should not be used for certain applications on your job sites.  We stock a wide range of concrete form products that range from the cheapest priced products to ones with the best reuse and quality.

At Trio Forest Products Inc., we are committed to maintaining a pulse on the lumber market for you.   We are here to assist your staff in making the best decisions on the right type of products, price, timing and lumber market conditions.

Our Salesmen have the buying power and authority to order your Materials for you directly. This allows them to service your ongoing product and project needs better than anyone.

  • On the jobsite, with a piggyback forklift
  • Wide variety of lumber and concrete form in stock and on the ground and ready to be delivered to you quickly.

Our goal is to provide you with Your Lumber and Concrete Form at prices that keep you profitable.


Money Saving Tip:  One of the keys to good decision making in any industry is to stay informed.  Teaching your employees to stay informed and buy smart rather than just buying product can make all the difference in your bottom line.  Consider monitoring the Random Length Graphs published in our monthly Lumber Lowdown enewsletter.

Ensure your staff is up to date on current lumber prices and making informed purchasing decisions.

Use our Customer Resources section page as a point of reference to share knowledge and information with your employees.

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For additional information about our Customer Resources click here.

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