Monsoons, Moisture and Mold

Monsoons, Moisture and Mold

Monsoon season is about to begin. Read this article to learn how to take measures to ensure you are storing your lumber properly during this unique Arizona season!

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June 2023:  Lumber Market Starts to Sizzle

June 2023: Lumber Market Starts to Sizzle

Arizona, lumber prices are starting to simmer! Across most products, we are experiencing the beginning signs of price increases. The lumber market is just starting to slowly trend upward.

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New Safety Regulations Will Go Into Effect for the Railways

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Can you pick the statement that is not true?

  1. More standards will be enforced for longer trains.
  2. A limited number of railcars 50+ years old will be allowed on the tracks.
  3. Country music will not be allowed to play on the trains speakers.
  4. There is a chance that the new standards will cause some delays to your lumber deliveries.

These kinds of tests used to be so easy. But in today’s policy world, are you confident you know the answer to this question?

Flatbed Trucking: Stay in Your Own Lane

National Load to Truck Ratio: 11:1, down 19% week over week. • Current National Diesel Average: 4.098, down .007 cents week over week