Getting anyone at Trio to provide a bio about themselves was like trying to take a baby bear from his mama…not going to happen. So, I decided to interview everyone at Trio and see what they would say about each other. So here’s the “dirt” I was able to dig up one each of them…


Jerry grew up in the lumber business and has been working in the industry since 1970. He is not afraid to work hard as you know. Many times, Jerry will jump in a truck and make the deliveries to you personally. Jerry tries to put up the front that he’s mean, but really he’s one of the most soft hearted people you’ll ever meet. He’s the visionary for Trio and he is respected by everyone. He intuitively understands people…because of that everyone connects with him – and loves him.


Tina South

Tina grew up in the lumber business and has been actively working at Trio full time since 1984. She works very hard for our customers and her staff. She is honest, competent, caring, and 100% ethical…totally by the books. Everyone trusts her. She has this soft spoken authority about her that makes you want to listen and she is a wealth of information. She’s a great boss!


Trio’s Sales Team

Trio Sales Team



Phil is our Sales Manager and is key in our overall operations. He is responsible for managing and purchasing many of our product lines which allows Trio to keep a competitive edge in the market.  He started with Trio right out of college in 1996.  Jerry immediately took him under his wings and has taught him everything he knows.

Our customers enjoy working with him. He’s happy, easy going, (laughs a lot at his own jokes) and this guy moves lumber in every direction.  Exporting lumber is one of his many areas of expertise.  He’s invaluable!

Over 20+ years in the Lumber Industry

Phil Hawkins
480 969 8288


Tony Palomarez


Tony has been with Trio since 2001. He has worked his way through the Lumber Industry and established himself as a subject matter expert in all aspects of lumber sales, especially commercial jobs. His knowledge is unsurpassed. His boots on the ground experience, attention to detail and commitment to accuracy in products and pricing makes him an invaluable resource in the field for our customers. He also is immersed in the changing lumber market conditions daily by actively completing purchases for his customers and ensuring they are receiving the best prices and service in the industry.


Over 18+ years in the industry.

Tony Palomarez
480 969 8288 


Ryan is our Sales Team Coordinator. He works side by side with Phil to ensure lumber sales and deliveries flow with ease. His quit witted sense of humor has made him an instant fit here. We look forward to Ryan’s continued growth in lumber sales at Trio and as an expert in our industry. We are so glad he chose to be a part of the Trio Team.



Front Office

Circle Headshots 4

Dru is Trio’s office manager and has been with Trio since 2005. She is 100% commitment to Trio and the customers. She is the type of person who is “on it” all the time…focused…accurate…and efficient. Everyone knows they can count on Dru…we love her. She gets it done for everyone!


Circle Headshots 3

Renee has worked at Trio since 2005 in Accounts Receivable, Credit and has been a lifeline to many of us here when we need help. She is excellent at teaching our new employees company processes, helping experienced employees solve problems and brainstorming new and better ways to do things. She is invaluable to Trio and we are thankful for her every day.



Paloma is Trio’s primary receptionist. She is the first voice of Trio you will hear when you call us for your lumber orders. Paloma’s kind spirit and gentle voice greets not only our customers but our team members each morning. Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you, we know there’s a whole bunch of spunk hidden behind that smile. We appreciate Paloma and the different roles she fills for us at Trio.



Dawson Buchanan

Dawson Buchanan is Trio’s Fourth Generation in Lumber! He is the son of Tina and the grandson of Jerry. He is working his way through the ranks. As Trio’s newest Dispatcher, he arrives here before everyone each day, ensuring our customers deliveries are set to roll. He is smart, determined and embracing his learning curve. The future is bright for Dawson at Trio.




Jeff Seitz is Trio’s Yard Foreman. Jeff manages his team in loading and unloading customer and vendor deliveries quickly. His role ensures our customers receive quality lumber, quickly and correctly. He also ensures safety measures are in place and adhered to for his team and Trio’s customers and vendors. Jeff has been an amazing asset to Trio’s team.



Our Drivers and Yard staff are the Secret Sauce that makes Trio stand out in our industry. They start early every day and don’t finish until the job is done. We are proud of the outstanding job each and every one of them do for us. Take a minute to watch our Operations Team in Action!


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