Trio recently attended an informative seminar addressing the Economic and Housing Outlook in the Building Materials Industry at the LMC Expo. There are a number of economic indicators relevant across our customers industries and addressed in the attached slideshow from Danushka Nanayakkara-Skillington, AVP, Forecasting and Analysis, of the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).

Click here to view the entire slideshow:  NAHB Presentation

Provided in the slideshow are Forecasting and Analysis data in areas such as:

Construction Outlook
Labor and unemployment rates
Mortgage rates
Consumer and builder confidence
Housing and Multi family
Interest rates
Regulatory costs

Trio was excited to attend this event at Trio’s newest strategic buying partner, LMC. Trio has 40 years of strong buying history, reputation and power. We just up’d our purchasing power to a new level by partnering with LMC.

When you buy right, you can sell right – Trust is Established, Profits Grow, Everyone Wins.

As you move into Strategic Planning Mode for 2019, we hope this information serves you well.


If you find this information intriguing and what to read more, following is a summary of the slideshow written by Kristen Ortiz of LMC, Oct 29th 2018.

Last week LMC held its annual Forest Products and Building Materials EXPO in Philadelphia. At the event, attendees heard Danushka Nanayakkara-Skillington, AVP, Forecasting and Analysis, of the National Association of Home Builders speak. Danushka presented “Rising Risks for the Housing Outlook,” where she provided an outlook of the coming year.

In her presentation, Danushka spoke about the recent tax reform and how that has been and will continue to be an economic impact. There was a macroeconomic update that demonstrated stronger growth expected post-tax reform. She then went on to discuss the housing demand and affordability along with supply-side factors, including the top 10 significant problems that were faced in 2017 and expected to be problems in 2018. Specifically she spoke to the cost and availability of labor and how that is impacting the housing market. The presentation finished with the forecasts for 2019.

Danushka Nanayakkara-Skillington oversees the activities of the Forecasting & Analysis section of the NAHB Economics group which includes developing and maintaining national, regional, long-term, and remodeling expenditures forecasts. Before being promoted to Assistant Vice President, she worked at NAHB as a Senior Economist. Prior to joining NAHB, Danushka worked at J.D. Power as a Senior Economic Analyst in the automotive industry. She holds a M.A. degree in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University.