National Forest Products Week

National Forest Products Week

Stay Up to Date on what’s happening in the Lumberyard and in the Wood Industry! Celebrate National Forest Week with us as it is the key to our livelihood and a critical pillar to our economy.

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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and key to Trio’s overall success, our amazing lumber delivery drivers! They brave the roads with thousands of tons of wood materials safely secured for on time delivery to our loyal customers. Order – Deliver – Done!

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Sentiment in the Lumber Market Softens

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Interest Rates Highest in 23 Years – Yep
Low Mortgage Applications – Confirmed
Economic Doubt and Fear – Yes, Sir
Builders Confidence Waivers – Uh-huh
Housing Sales Down, Rates Up and Inventory Down – Hmm
Home Improvement Down- Yikes
Feds Actions – No Comment

HOWEVER, Keep Reading

Last month, we shared that we were experiencing a conflicted lumber market that was choosing stability vs volatility. Buyers have been on the sidelines not taking a long game position. Even though, jobs are in the pipeline. Buyers have not been forced to put lumber on the ground. Right now, you can go out with ease and cover most needs.

This is a safe play as long as no one comes in to establish a long position. 

We caution Buyers with this approach. Although it has been working for the last few months, there will come a time when this approach does not work. It’s like the calm before the storm. An eerie quiet in the market proceeds a lumber market run.

Prices cannot come off forever, Even with some of the large commercial jobs wrapping up, the valley is still positioned strong for growth.

Residential August Housing Starts Down and Permits Up