Monsoons, Moisture and Mold

Monsoons, Moisture and Mold

Monsoon season is about to begin. Read this article to learn how to take measures to ensure you are storing your lumber properly during this unique Arizona season!

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June 2023:  Lumber Market Starts to Sizzle

June 2023: Lumber Market Starts to Sizzle

Arizona, lumber prices are starting to simmer! Across most products, we are experiencing the beginning signs of price increases. The lumber market is just starting to slowly trend upward.

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Lumber Market Considerations: March and April 2023

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What do flat lines in our graphs mean for the lumber market?
Perhaps is means that supply and demand are at a temporary check mate.

Even though interest rates continue to fluctuate, nationwide residential housing starts are up and permits are also up overall since January. Approximately 75% of builders anticipated housing starts down in 2023. Builders confidence has improved by about 20% after Q1.
Multifamily is predicted to stay strong for this upcoming spring season.

As winter winds down, spring conditions are bringing a stronger demand for lumber. Building typically amps up nationwide with favorable weather conditions.

Overall, our business partners are cautiously optimistic about the consistency in volume demand for 2023.