The Lumber Market Today
During times of uncertainty, we continue to find that providing sound market data and updates on what we are experiencing in the industry continues to be how we can best serve our customers.
With the ongoing global impact of COVID-19, the market continued downward.
From a distributor context, we continue to find refuge in the fact that we are deemed an essential business. Most of our customers are still working. Sales are down and the market is down, yet we continue to stay in motion with lumber deliveries across multiple industries. Some find hope in hearing stories that the lumber market is still nudging forward.
To adapt to the rapid change in demand and acclimate to current conditions, mills have responded in a variety of ways stemming from reductions in production to full shutdowns. We have been notified that up to 28 mills have adopted these measures.
With so much material out of the market, prices have not dramatically adjusted. It has led to difficulty in locating certain tallys. So a word of caution, if you do have a specified tally, it may be harder to locate. We recommend not procrastinating if you have jobs sold.
We continue to look forward to the safe return of our nation to work.



Source: Random Lengths, used here with permission granted by the publisher.