SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Supply and Demand have seemed to find a bit of common ground as several areas of the market currently reflects some stability.

THE MARKET LOOKS FOR WAYS TO ADJUST: As always, the market continues to search for ways to adjust by using weather conditions, Washington, old growth logging and holidays to drive changes. This week, none of these have seemed to create much adjustment.

LOGISTICS: Logistics continue to cause headaches in the industry. As long awaited supply chain deliveries begin to show up, more demand is placed on trucking. Fuel and labor prices continue to trend upward which lands in the lap of the end user as well. Railcars too have their own challenges wtih labor issues. It’s a tough business right now.  Trucking Demand continues to outpace capacity. Expect delays.

Load to Truck Ratio is 48:1, up 12% week over week

Current National Diesel Fuel Price is 3.727, up .5% week over week

Something to consider: Christmas Trees are being introduced into the Supply Chain at the end of this month.


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