The Lumber Market Continues to be Flat as a Board (for today anyway)

The Lumber Market Continues to be Flat as a Board (for today anyway)

Regardless of the mills futile attempts at curtailments, the lumber markets supply and demand dance continues to achieve a steady balance.
April Housing Starts Up, Permits Down and Builder Confidence Maintains
Arizona continues to have a strong economic outlook and Trio trucks keep rolling out of the lumberyard fully stocked.

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New Safety Regulations Will Go Into Effect for the Railways

New Safety Regulations Will Go Into Effect for the Railways

Over the last few years, half the battle in lumber purchasing has been in the realm of logistics. Each month, we attempt to keep our customers informed on what’s happening in the world of flatbed trucking and railcars. Kinks in the overall supply chain play a factor in lumber pricing, timeliness of deliveries and overall inventory availability. Stay informed!

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Trio’s Unsurpassed Lumber Industry Knowledge

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The level of lumber knowledge, experience and ability that exists in our Sales Team is nothing short of incredible.
Over 150 years of lumber market experience is just a phone call away. 

Tony: 21 year lumber veteran and the definition in Webster’s dictionary under ‘lumber subject matter expert for commercial jobs’. Detailed, competent, with deep convictions and a commitment to learning, growing and inspiring others to do the same.

Jeff: Somehow Jeff puts up with these guys, sometimes funny and sometimes twisted humor. Daily he serves our customers with the utmost care, diligence, accuracy and assurance they are receiving the right product knowledge and information to help them be successful in their role.

Ryan: Ryan fills in every possible gap in the Sales Team with his current technical knowledge, spreadsheet wizardry, as a delivery and load guru and one of the strongest Sales Team partners in recent Trio history.

Phil: 26 year lumber veteran. The Michael Jordon of the lumber industry. I believe they have a mans work boot named after him. Laughs at his own jokes, makes fun of people, slings a lot of lumber in the industry and leads the Trio Sales Team to un-paralleled company history results.

Tina South and Jerry Lilly: The ‘originals’ are not pictured here but continue to sell lumber on a daily basis, adding 90 plus years to our lumber experience at Trio.

Let’s work together!

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Expert Advice
Lumber Market Data
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We are here to help you make the Right Decisions in your lumber purchases!