Arizona’s Economic Outlook Remains Strong

Arizona’s Economic Outlook Remains Strong

There is a good amount of local projects in the pipeline right now, especially in commercial warehouse buildings. Thanks to organizations like the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), Arizona continues to be a magnet state for new manufacturing and distribution. Just look at all the warehouse building happening around us!

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August Lumber Market Commentary

August Lumber Market Commentary

With all of the uncertainty in the economy, one would potentially predict extreme buyer caution and low demand to bring prices to rock bottom. Prices have adjusted but they are certainly not rock bottom and demand continues to be better than expected in both the residential and commercial sectors.

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Monsoons, Moisture and Mold

Monsoons, Moisture and Mold

Monsoon season is about to begin. Read this article to learn how to take measures to ensure you are storing your lumber properly during this unique Arizona season!

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What Makes Trio So Special

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Well that’s an easy one, our people!

This month, we’d like to spend a moment showcasing our amazing Front Office Team.
These ladies are the epitome of our Core Values:

Do It
Do It Right
Do It Right Now

In fact, when we sat down to write our core values, their names showed up in every column representing what it means to work at Trio.
So often we focus our discussions on the lumber products, sales, and the delivery of the material.

What else helps make our customers experience with Trio exceptional?

Everything before and after the sale is a crucial element of the total customer experience.
These ladies ‘Get It Done”

A kind welcoming voice when you call

Your credit line secured and maintained for your purchases

Vendor accounts paid early so we can continue offering amazing prices

Behind the scenes administrative work with little recognition

Unapparelled care for this company and the commitment to

Build a Great Company with Great People and Great Results