Lumber Market Considerations

What do flat lines in our graphs below mean for the lumber market? Perhaps is means that supply and demand are at a temporary check mate. Some predict the 2023 market may look a lot like 2018 / 2019. So far, that is the trend. Even though interest rates continue to...

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Arizona Summers

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We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge everyone who puts in a hard days work OUTSIDE during the Arizona summer heat.

Our guys continue to get it done for us in the lumberyard and we wanted to give them a shout out, to thank them for their commitment to getting our customers the material they need to succeed in triple digit temperatures!

Don’t miss our annual article below on Monsoons, Moisture and Mold:
Proper Lumber Storage for this time of year.

Housing Demand: U.S. Housing Starts Down, 8.1% month over month. June starts are down due to reduced demand in single family homes. The rise in mortgage rates continue to dampen the mood in builder confidence and overall home affordability for many homebuyers.

People have to live somewhere!
What’s important to note is that multi family maintained a strong presence with a jump in multi family units. The rental market is maintaining a firm stand.

Truck Transportation: Transportation eases but prices stand firm
Load rates are 27:1, a 4% decrease week over week.
Current National Diesel Fuel Price: 5.57, down .11 week over week