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We stock a variety of plywood, OSB, and particle board goods in different grades and sizes. Our panels are versatile, strong, and can be pressure treated to increase service life. Whether you need sheathing and panels for roofing, walls, cabinets, or an industrial application, Trio has the products for you.

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Have you ever wondered what all the A B C D has to do with plywood grades? It truly is pretty simple, but unless someone has taken the time to explain, it can be confusing. Think of it like your kid’s report card: we all like the A’s. The grades represent the veneer appearance before any repairs are made. The following are the grades of veneers.

The first letter of the grade represents the face, which is your usable or best side of the panel.


Best grade and most expensive.

This grade is used when you need a smooth, paintable surface. Not more than 18 neatly made repairs.


Solid Surface

Repairs are allowed and tight knots up to 1 inch across the grain and some minor splits are allowed.


Tight knots to 1-1/2 inches, repair allowed

Discoloration and sanding defects are allowed as long as it does not impair the strength. Some knot holes allowed.


Oriented Strand Board

Also known as waferboard: made of compressed wood strands.

Which is stronger, Plywood or OSB?

In the applications for which they are manufactured, the two products are basically interchangeable. Although different in the way they are made and appear, plywood and OSB are manufactured according to the same performance standard criteria.


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